Deanna Schofield

Deanna Schofield

Ottawa Paramedic Service Acting Superintendent

Deanna Schofield, B.Sc., ACP,

A/ Superintendent (Operations)

A paramedic for 18 yrs that has worked as an EMS Coordinator responsible for developing and delivering continuing education for paramedics. Promoted to Acting Superintendent, she took on a mentoring role for new Ottawa paramedics and teaches cultural safety. Deanna is currently the Ottawa Paramedic Service hospital liaison and works with the Overdose Prevention Task Force to leverage relationships between city and community stakeholders to build regional solutions to patient care issues.

Ottawa Overdose Prevention and Response Task Force

Rooms 206-208 (2nd Floor)

Three perspectives (Paramedic, Public Health and Pharmacist) regarding how the Ottawa Overdose Response and Prevention Task Force was formed after a drug-related death at a music festival in 2014. We will highlight how it has evolved to include 20 plus community, health care, first responders and municipal partners that are leveraging relationships to prevent, mitigate […]