Dave Howlett

Dave Howlett

Dave Howlett is the founder and managing director of RealHumanBeing Inc. RHB (Real Human Being) is a philosophy that allows us to gain self-awareness and achieve personal and business success.

With a 30 year background in sales, business development and leadership, Dave Howlett brings a wealth of business knowledge and human behavior to his humorous and thought-provoking keynote speeches and workshops. He is a also a Distinguished Toastmaster and a multiple Ironman athlete. Dave has also appeared on ROB TV, CITY TV and been featured in numerous industry publications.

Connect Like a Real Human Being

Rooms 206-208 (2nd Floor)

Dave Howlett will be speaking about the Real Human Being method, a philosophy that creates a sense of self awareness and results in long term behaviour change towards 3rd gear leadership. He will explain how the 3rd gear philosophy can foster inspirational and moral leaders in a Paramedic service.

Conference Superintendent Workshop

Superintendent Workshop Interactive Session