Andrew Hendricks

Andrew Hendricks

Ottawa Public Health Director Chair of Ottawa Overdose Prevention and Response Task Force

Andrew Hendriks is a public health nurse and the Director of Health Protection at Ottawa Public Health. Over the last ten years, he has been working with community partners and Ottawa Public Health’s harm reduction and substance misuse teams to prevent and respond to overdoses in Ottawa. Most recently, he has assumed the role of chair of the local Overdose Prevention and Response Task Force, which is a multi agency and disciplinary team that has lead the creation of as well as the development of a local interagency opioid overdose cluster response plan.

Ottawa Overdose Prevention and Response Task Force

Rooms 206-208 (2nd Floor)

Three perspectives (Paramedic, Public Health and Pharmacist) regarding how the Ottawa Overdose Response and Prevention Task Force was formed after a drug-related death at a music festival in 2014. We will highlight how it has evolved to include 20 plus community, health care, first responders and municipal partners that are leveraging relationships to prevent, mitigate […]